I was always an artist but up until a few years ago, I never referred to myself as one.  Drawing was fun but also an escape.  It was a secret that could only be glanced upon should I dare show you the pages in my sketch book.  It was only after my sister encouraged me (several times) to try my hand at a different art medium, that I ventured into painting.  It all started with a clumsy paintbrush between my fingers but before I knew it, I had fallen in love.


It's all about bold colors for me.  Which is ironic for an awkward girl from the LES who walked down the school halls with her head bowed.  I love dramatic brush strokes.  Eye catching patches of reds, blues, and yellows.  A painting that cannot be ignored.  I'm not afraid to get messy about it either! I enjoy getting in the face of a painting and often use my fingertips to achieve a different type of stroke or texture.  


This is why I always work with acrylics.  I love how it can easily be manipulated to achieve a different look because of how texture friendly it is. As for the end product, I lean toward creating abstract pieces, sometimes centering on the human form which rarely has a face.  Instead, I prefer to concentrate on the way the foot arches or the leg bends. Ballet dancers and their graceful movements have always been a huge influence. My artistic hero is the emotionally driven artist, Frida Kahlo. Her work revealed itself to be immensely personal and unapologetic.


What has been most satisfying about my art journey is that now I just have fun creating.  It makes sense to me that I share art that my audience and I can celebrate together.