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It began as a hobby.  Drawing was fun but also an escape.  It was only later when I allowed myself to be seen, that my artwork transformed.


It's all about bold colors for me. Eye catching patches of reds, blues, and yellows feed this energy.  I revel in a painting that cannot be ignored and play with color for dramatic effect.    

I mainly work in marker and acrylic, creating abstract pieces that sometimes center on the human form. I like to concentrate on the way the foot arches or the leg bends. Ballet dancers and their graceful movements have always been a huge influence.  When painting, I use my fingertips often to achieve a different type of stroke or texture. My artistic hero is the emotionally driven artist, Frida Kahlo. Her work revealed itself to be immensely personal and unapologetic.


What has been satisfying about my artistic journey is how much I enjoy the process of creating.  When the end result moves or inspires someone, it makes it all the more rewarding. 

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